Henry Byun

Admissions Consultant

NYU Stern (BS in Finance)
UCLA (Certificate exp in College Counseling)

Henry was born and raised in New York City. As a child, he would work in his father’s businesses, seeing with his own eyes the intricacies of being an entrepreneur. After attending high school in Manhattan, he took the advice of his school counselor to study business and applied to NYU Stern. After graduating from NYU, Henry spent six years working at several companies, ranging from investment banks to sports and entertainment management firms.

After leaving New York, Henry decided to come to Korea to travel the world and learn more about his culture. As an admissions consultant at some of the larger preparatory academies in Seoul, he enjoyed guiding curious students in finding paths in life that they were compelled to pursue. Currently, as an Admissions Consultant at IvyConnection, Henry is able to take his many experiences and resources and share them with his students to give them a spark in finding their own interests and aspirations.

What led you to IvyConnection?
As an Admissions Consultant, I have been guiding students into the schools of their dreams and it only made sense that I continue doing what I enjoy at one of the largest consulting companies in Seoul.

IvyConnection’s reputation of professionalism and service precedes it. I had heard many great things about the company before, but in finally joining the team, I now see the diligence and work ethic that is spent towards being the best at what they do. I also have to say that meeting each and every student is an extra benefit of the job. Hearing their individual stories and finding ways in enhancing their dreams leaves me satisfied at the end of the day.

Who inspires you?
People who execute big visions. When I see entrepreneurs that took a great idea and turned it into an even greater outcome, or even an old student who is at the top of his class in a demanding university program, I’m compelled to try harder.

What interests you?
Sports and exercise are what make me happy. Unfortunately, so does food. Thus, my happiness is constantly at war with itself. I also enjoy reading about successful entrepreneurs and businessmen because it’s a great experience learning from the many trials that they overcame in becoming who they are today.