Jae Chang

Admissions Consultant

Amherst College (BA in Psychology)
UCLA (MA in Comparative Literature)
UCLA (MA in Moving Image Archive Studies)
UCLA (Certificate exp in College Counseling)

A 1.5 Korean who appended the –American after decades in the States, Jae Chang has always been interested in others’ self-identification and expression through language(s). Growing up Anglophilic and slightly nerdy in the suburbs of Los Angeles led Jae to pursue interests that helped determine her college choices. She chose to attend Amherst College for a variety of reasons not limited to her romantic notions of exploring an open curriculum in a small New England college-town setting.

Following four winters of frozen hair and a BA in Psychology, Jae returned to sun-bleached Los Angeles to contemplate adulthood and graduate study. An early foray into Comparative Literature opened her to realization that academic theory without praxis was flat. Armed with an MA, she bided the immediate aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis by working in museums and galleries and in media distribution, melding her passion for film with the curation of goods and images. The Moving Image Archive Studies program—an interdisciplinary venture between the Department of Film, Television and Digital Media, the Department of Information Studies, and the Film and Television Archive—provided another chance to ground her intellectual interests in the physical world. Seizing that opportunity gave Jae the time and vocabulary to articulate her conviction in the need for greater educational, cultural, and information access.

What led you to IvyConnection?
Serendipity! Actually, I’ve regularly found myself involved in perhaps-too-emphatic conversations about educational trajectories and college “fit” with friends and relatives, so the opportunity to work with rising students was too good to pass up.

What do you love most about IvyConnection?
Everyone involved has a deep investment in and commitment to education. That’s killer.

Who inspires you?
Trite, perhaps, but true: my mother. She makes things work.

What interests you?
Languages and expression—visual as well as spoken and written. I admire others’ artistry and talent. More concretely, I like words (and syntax), especially rendered as text. Also, I like walking and the experiences that makes available.