Ji Eun Seo

Art Consultant

Washington University in St. Louis (BFA in Communication Design; Minor in Chinese Language & Culture)

Ji Eun is a professional in the field of art. She enjoys interacting with art scholars of all ages and loves to share her diverse life experiences with them. She attended public high school in Seoul, private high school in New Mexico, college in Missouri at the Washington University in St. Louis, and summer semesters at Hongik University. Every time she dipped her foot into a new world, she found new ways of communicating her passion for art with different communities.

At IvyConnection, Ji Eun guides young art scholars on their personal journeys. Her goal is to provide students with a second eye on their art-related applications, create opportunities that enrich their resumes, and provide new insights into their portfolio.


What led you to IvyConnection?
While studying art in college, I pursued a variety of artistic adventures: explaining art in the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art as a docent, interning at a government-run museum in New Mexico, and working for Kenneth Cole in the Big Apple. These experiences helped me mature as an artist and build my personal narrative. I wondered: “Is there a way to share this exploration with young art scholars?” IvyConnection has been an outlet for me to interact with young artists. My goal is to serve as a “connection” for my students to the bigger art world.

What do you love most about IvyConnection?
Our crew – they are caring, fun, and passionate. I am especially thankful to the early members since they have been mentor figures to me. When I faced challenges, they always listened and helped, offering me advice and kind words. At IvyConnection, consultants care about their students and do their best to help them succeed.

Who inspires you?
My mom and two older brothers who raised me to be who I am right now, my life companion Jinbo who always provides me with the energy to move forward, and last but not least, my sincere group of friends who are all so loving, caring, and supportive.

What is your favorite quote?
“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”