Lauren McCullough

Admissions Consultant

Whitman College (BA in Politics)

Lauren grew up in the Pacific Northwest and calls Seattle, Washington her home. As an undergraduate student she studied Politics and was involved with minority rights and political access issues, as a researcher and organizer. Post-graduation, Lauren worked for two years as an educator, where she engaged high school and college students into the American political process.

Through her experience in higher education admissions, while tutoring and mentoring high school students, Lauren developed a passion for helping students navigate the college admissions process. She believes that every student is a complex individual with a fascinating story, and wants to help their authentic identities shine out on the page.

What led you to IvyConnection?
As a youth educator and mentor, I loved building connections with my students. To me, developing personal relationships and helping people pursue their interests and goals is exciting and meaningful. I came to IvyConnection because I was eager to continue this work, by guiding students through their admissions process.

Who inspires you?
The communities I’m involved with always give me inspiration. As an active member of the adoptee community in Seoul, I’m always amazed by how people come together, despite straddling multiple cultures, histories and languages.

What interests you?
I find joy from being in beautiful places, so I try to spend most of my free time trail running, hiking or backpacking. Aside from adventuring in the mountains, some of my interests include politics, social justice, and feminist analyses of pop culture. I’m also always up for a game of Settlers of Catan.

What do you love most about IvyConnection?
I love how IvyConnection understands students as complex individuals and works with them on a personalised basis. This thoughtful, one-to-one approach makes me excited about working at IvyConnection every day.