Peter Chi

Managing Director

NYU Stern (BS in Finance)
Columbia University (MA in Computing in Education)
UCLA (Certificate in College Counseling)

Peter’s goal is to guide students through the complicated admissions process and equip them to make well-informed decisions. He believes that the college admissions process involves much more than simply applying to the “best” schools – applications are an opportunity for students to learn more about themselves and discover their path in life. In that sense, Peter serves as a coach in helping his students successfully navigate through this important step in their educational journey.

When not counseling students, Peter can be found at his favorite sushi restaurant or playing League of Legends. He also is a huge fan of comic books and webtoons. Students often try to stump him with trivia questions about random Marvel characters. These interests that Peter shares with his students are just one of the many examples of his ability to build meaningful relationships with them.

What led you to IvyConnection?
While working as a curriculum developer and instructional specialist at various English academies, I realized that I wanted to do something more meaningful for both my students and myself. I found an ideal opportunity to impact student lives at IvyConnection. I had always been interested in US colleges. I still have vivid memories of researching colleges with my dad and working on college applications with my independent counselor. The reason I joined IvyConnection can be explained with the same philosophy that I preach to my students during the college search. “It’s all about fit.”

What do you love most about IvyConnection?
I would have to say, without any hesitation, that the people at IvyConnection are what I love the most about the company. In addition to our great students, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with some of the most wonderful and passionate people that I have come across in my life. It would not be an exaggeration to describe the people in the office as my extended family. We're always trying to help each other and bring out the best in each of us.