Yuna Song

Client Relations Manager

Kyungwon University (BA in Fine Arts)

After graduating from art school, Yuna spent several years teaching art students. Through her numerous interactions with both students and parents, she became more interested in education on a larger scope.

Yuna is in charge of overall works related to customers such as basic client consultation and customer needs/requests, and also accounting work of Ivy Connection.

As a staff in charge of customer management, she communicates with customers and works for their convenience.

Based on the understanding of customers’ position, she helps works related to admission documents, so that they can more easily and conveniently prepare for the admission of university in the US which is difficult and complex.

Also, she always works hard to provide the accurate information necessary to school admission and also to provide satisfactory service including admission to desired schools.

If you contact her in case when having questions or asking for help, she will be always there for you.

What led you to IvyConnection?
To work with students on their path to the Ivies.

What do you love most about IvyConnection?
Professional yet personable coworkers and a workplace environment where one can develop professionalism and excellent teamwork.

What makes you happy?
A relaxing afternoon, happiness of those around me, and enjoying good food with good people.

What are some of your pet peeves?
Unsanitary restaurants, bad mannered people, people who smoke while walking ahead of me.